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The surprised SMT solution
ASCEN provide OEM serve and producting standard /customized automatic assembly equipment,specialize in PCB conveyor,PCB depaneling machine,PCB router,SMT component feeder,PCB loader unloader and so on

T8 Tube PCB Separation In LED Lighting V - Scored 0.3mm PCB Thickness

Detailed Product Description

ASCEN technology team is escorted by a vigorous team of humble and patient staff. They enjoy listening to the clients and tailoring automatic assembly solutions up to clients' demand. we dedicated to making quality machine that help our clients operate more efficiently and effectively.If you interested in our complete equipment solution,please go to our engineering web:

LED Tube: T8 T5 Max.PCB Separating Length: No Limit
Min Thickness: 0.3mm PCB Depaneler Certificate: CE ISO RHS
Max Order: 200 Sets Lead Time: One Day



T8 Tube PCB Separation In LED Lighting V - Scored 0.3mm PCB Thickness


 PCB Depanelizer Competitive Function:

1. Nowadays,many led lighting factory production outputs increase sharply,our yes6 pcb separator is designed for this kind of led factory,they can use our machine to improve their production and greatly saving their cost.


2. This machine separate pcb without warping and burring.


3. Its stress divided by three groups blades,greatly reduce stress and even zero stress..



Electronics Assembly Industry like LED industry, SMT industry, Moblie/Mp3 industry, Electronic
Toys industry, etc.



Aluminium PCB Depanelizer application :

LED Panel,Fiber Board,Aluminium Plate,Aluminium Substrate,Copper Substrate FR4,Glass Fiber Board


T8 Tube PCB Separation In LED Lighting V - Scored 0.3mm PCB Thickness


PCB Cutting Machine Packing and shipment


Machine mainly packed in plywood case and be deliveryed by sea ,by air,DHL ,FEDEX,UPS,TNT etc.

Any packing suggestions we can consider.


Our service 


1. Mature technique & forerunner to process makes high quality machinery

As largest manufactory in South China, we have 12 years experience on machines.
Our R&D team continuously upgrade the existing machines to meet the market development trend.

2. Effective customer service

All of us together are stronger and wiser than any one of us individually. To succeed, we must assume responsibility, cooperate with fellow associates and with departments, effectively comminicate with one another, foster enthusiam and participate in decision-making. To be seay reachable by customers and provide prompt replies to solve their problems and create value for customers





ASCEN technology co.,ltd specializing in the SMT automatic equipment and provide the automatic solution for the smart factory for save more producing cost.

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